Polished & Textured Plasters

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Polished Marmorino on Panels: Warehouse Hotel by Asylum, Singapore

Novacolor Italian Polished and Textured Plaster Finishes

Novacolor mineral finishes offer a luxurious look & feel with the widest range of customisations.  Below are a sampling of possible combinations of texture, aggregate mix, and topcoat.  Use these as a starting point to create your own finish, and combine with layout options like blocking and inlays for unlimited design options.  Choose any colour from your preferred system, (Pantone, ICI, or Nippon), at no extra charge.  Contact us to schedule a design session or order custom samples.

Novacolor Color Cards

Textured Plaster Finishes

Pitted Marmorino

Mineral Plasters with Patterns 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I specify MONJU finishes?  First, select texture (polished, pitted, or patterned), then color. Colours can be selected from your preferred colour fan. ICI, Nippon, or Pantone are the easiest for us to match. Further customize aggregate mix (contrasting, silver/gold, or none), and sheen (matte, satin, polished, or high polished).

Speaking with one of our consultants will help orient you to the range of possibilities and the appropriate solutions for your space and usage.  Call +65 8498 5053 or send a note at the bottom of this page to schedule a meetup.

Availability and Lead Time?  We keep plenty of stock in Singapore and prepare all materials locally, so we only need a couple weeks to schedule our applicators.

Application Method?  All our plaster finishes are hand-applied by trowel on site.  Total thickness of the finish is typically 2-3mm.

Acceptable Substrate?  We need a smooth and flat surface, so substrates like gypsum drywall and skim-coated cement are ideal for seamless surfaces.  MDF is ideal for panel designs. Plywood should be avoided.

Joints?  Our finish systems do not expand or contract, and do not crack or become brittle over time -- so the need for joints is avoided, making large seamless areas possible.  You may, however, want to include groove lines or contrasting joint lines to establish scale and rhythm in your designs. Inlays are supplied and installed by your main contractor.

Overseas Projects?  Other than Singapore, we operate throughout Southeast Asia.  In most cases we send a team to carry out the installation.  In some cases we can arrange to supply materials and train your main contractor -- in many cases we can still guarantee the final results, and stand by our 5-year warranty.

Warranty?  All our applications come with a 5-year warranty of craftsmanship and performance, including cracking, peeling, and colour fastness.  

Looking for Inspiration?

Check out our idea books on Houzz where we post similar finishes installed beautifully by other professionals.

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MONJU is an applicator and distributor of bespoke surface finishes, and specialty building materials sourced from Europe and the United States.  We've served Southeast Asia from Singapore since 2009 and offer world-class customer service through our network of local partners that include highly-trained craftsmen, chemists, and materials technicians.

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