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Microcement Flooring for Commercial Projects

MONJU Microcement is a 3mm topping for floors, walls, and joinery applied by trowel to create fully custom, seamless surfaces with a natural look and feel.  Multiple protective topcoats ensure outstanding resistance to abrasion and staining. Ideal for commercial settings.

MONJU Microcement is a 3mm topping applied in seven to eight coats on any solid and stable substrate, including interior and exterior floors and walls. The system's flexibility resists cracking and will not contract during curing like standard cement toppings. For extra protection against minor substrate cracks, we install a fiberglass mesh in our proprietary base coat to help isolate movements and cracks; and two layers of heavy-duty polyurethane act as a tough shield against spills and scratches, even in high-traffic environments.

The result is a resilient, low-maintenance floor that looks great in any setting and is backed by the region's best warranty. See our FAQ for more details.



Neutral greys evoke concrete while displaying soft contrasts.  Warm greys convey the welcoming nature of mineral materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does MONJU Microcement cost?  We currently apply microcement flooring for commerical projects only. We charge from $175 per square meter with a minimum of $20,000 per project.

How do we specify this flooring?  You may call for "3mm MONJU Microcement Flooring with color xx, matte/satin/gloss polyurethane". Call +65 8498 5053 or send a note at the bottom of this page with any questions.

Colours can be selected from your preferred colour fan.  ICI, Nippon, or Pantone are the easiest for us to match.

Availability and Lead Time?  We keep plenty of stock in Singapore and prepare all materials locally, so we only need a couple weeks to schedule our technicians.

Application Method?  MONJU Microcement is hand-applied by trowel, a technique which imparts natural tonal movement, unlike the flat consistency of synthetic flooring.  At least 8 coats are built up over a fibreglass mesh for excellent durability in any commercial setting.  This building-up method requires a work time of at least one week, including drying time.

Acceptable Substrate?  We need a flat and level surface. A self-levelled surface is ideal. No need to hack existing tiles. We can apply over flat and smooth tiles.

As the entire system is 3mm in total thickness, the flatness of the underlying substrate will determine the flatness of the finish.  The organic nature of the finish allows for slight imperfections, however a maximum of 2mm elevation variance in any 2m radius will yield the best results.  You can test your substrate by laying a 2m long straight edge across several areas of the floor.  If any gaps greater than 2mm appear, you should have the floor levelled.

Joints?  MONJU Microcement will not expand or contract, and will not crack or become brittle over time -- so the need for joints is avoided.  To maintain a consistent finish across large spaces, we recommend a maximum area of about 70m2 before inlays or dividers are needed.   You may, of course, incorporate stainless steel inlays purely for design. Inlays are supplied and installed by your main contractor.

Warranty?  Our microcement flooring comes with a standard 18-month warranty or an optional 5-year warranty of craftsmanship and performance, including self-cracking, peeling, and colour fastness.  

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